Welcome to our Marketing Buying Group


Pur Sang Royal marketing event group promotes the products of the European Union manufacturers. Our goals as marketing buying group is tributing to the main goal of the EU: Freedom of movement for services, products and people. As our clients are focusing on expansion we help our customers with the 5 S-format, for branding, and innovation. Source new products, raw materials, Save costs, Synergy for promotions, Sales link to market opportunities, and Service for sampling.


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Augmented Reality to support presentations

Layar is the Augmented Reality technology to bring pictures to life with a video link or photo slides.

To see the layar content floating over a picture on paper, you need to install the free app of Layar.

Layar is available for free at the app store of your mobile device: Android, Iphone and Black Berry.


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        We develop applications for web, and mobile devices in Android, Apple, and Windows.



Service that fits your needs

We offer branding services, online shopping experience, and investment consultancy projects in Tax Free trade areas. The use of Augmented Reality, and exciting meeting locations, offers our marketing mix new dimensions.

Services of Pur Sang Royal

Branding at Fairs or in Stores
€250 per host
Product Placement
1 Table, Booth Stand
Pleasure of shopping press here
Combo Packs
Merchandise Products
& Fantastic Wines
Exhibitor E-Games Expo in Stadium
 €750 per 2x1M